Pride Society

Preservation, Restoration in

Duncan's Enhancement




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Spezia Square

Spezia Square

Pride Society

Preservation, Restoration In Duncan's Enhancement

Formed on March 8th, 2001

Our Organization was formed in March of 2001 with 17 charter members. Fundraisers presented to our community and surrounding areas have given PRIDE SOCIETY the opportunity to improve our way of life through improvements in Duncan.

PRIDE SOCIETY'S first project was SPEZIA SQUARE placed on a historical corner located on the Old West Highway. Spezia Square's phase one included recycled brick from an old school building to build our flowerbeds. Trees were planted, picnic tables were placed on the patio along with an antique lamppost for lighting, and a town antique clock for everyone to enjoy. An old western storefront along with a balcony, porch with a plank boardwalk, decorated windows and hanging baskets added charm to this area. Second phase a gazebo was added and an opera house stage which can be used for music groups. Grass has been planted and other additions to become eye appealing to one and all.



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