Preservation, Restoration In Duncan's Enhancement


Adopt a Highway

PRIDE SOCIETY has adopted 1 mile of highway 70 in our town through the ADOT Adopt a Highway program.  We have had numerous cleanups that have been very successful with a lot of community spirit.  Everyone has pitched in to help from picking up garbage, repainting old buildings, getting rid of old debris and making the areas very pleasing to out of town travelers coming through Duncan.

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Packer Park

Packer Park is a veteran's memorial park with flags, benches and lampposts. The large rocks can have the veteran's name tags attached



Memorial Lamppost Project

The Memorial Lamppost Project has sixty-eight white lampposts along Highway 70 and down Main Street. They add a soft glow to the evening when turned on.

Lampposts at night




Pioneer Awards

Pioneer Awards are given out each year at the Greenlee Rampage Celebration at the fairgrounds. Listed below are the winners from each year. This years recipients for 2015 were Frank Francese Jr. and Family. We have posted pictures on the right and left of this years recipients and also a picture below for 2015



Pioneer Award Lark Wilkens

2006 - Lark J Wilkens

2007 - Wylie Boyd

2007 - Rodriguez Family

Pioneer Award Ralph Newton Johnson

2008 - Ralph Newton Johnson








2009 - Dixie Zumwalt

2011 - Benjamin Frank Billingsley II & Family


2012 - Joseph J. Lovett


2013 -Broughton & Mary Amanda Mortenson Lunt

2014 - Tomas Montoya & Family

2015 - Frank Francese Jr. and Family