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4th of JULY


2002 - 2003

The theme of the parade for the 4th of July was soaring like an eagle.  PRIDE SOCIETY constructed a 9 foot eagle named Oscar to ride high above a little town of before and after on our float.  We also had a feather contest to see if anyone could guess how may feathers were on Oscar.  With all of our hard work and enthusiasm we received a trophy for the Eagle Award.  Duncan had 43 floats that year and for such a small community, it was wonderful, topped off by a fireworks display in the evening. 




In 2008, The Pride Society was given the Grand Marshall Award.  The group decorated the Ol' Betsy fire engine.

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In 2014, the Pride Society entered the 4th ofJuly parade "A Star Spangled Fourth" evening light parade. Their float was a large tractor with lights on with the theme "Pride Society is Making Duncan Sparkle" They won a plaque for BEST OF PARADE.


4th of July Tractor




The theme of the entry for 2015 was, "Duncan, National Pride on Display." The Pride Society again put forth their best effort and for the second year in a row won a plaque for BEST OF PARADE!!




Christmas Dazzle

This is the second year PRIDE SOCIETY decorated Centennial Park with lights that were donated by the whole community.  We lit the Gazebo, trees and the old fountain in the middle of the park.  We had volunteers with a ladder truck to hang the lights in the trees.  It was just beautiful and gave a feeling of joy and the Christmas spirit to our community.  The following year we added lights to Spezia Square that really set off the area.  We lit the windows in front of the Print shop which made a passer by take a second look.





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